How Mobile Has Changed Real Estate Search Behavior

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24/7 Instant Access to Real Estate Info. has Changed the Home Search Journey

I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Tech Estate Today real estate tech conference in Silicon Valley.

My presentation was on how real estate buyer and seller behavior has changed due to massive growth in mobile smartphone growth which has also changed consumer behavior.

49% of Buyers Expect an Instant Response from Agents

Other Interesting Real Estate Search Facts & Data

  • 99% of consumers search for homes on the internet during the home buying search process
  • 72% use a mobile real estate app or website
  • 65% of buyers will set an appointment to view a home they found online And the most important fact of all…
  • 58% of homebuyers found the home they eventually purchased on a mobile device Mobile real estate search is now the number one way consumers search for homes.

Consumers are now changing their expectation of agents and the real estate community must adapt quickly to these new consumer expectations.

It’s now critical for real estate agents to have systems in place to handle real-time inquiries from buyers and sellers.

See the entire Slide Deck with Real Estate Search Data & Facts.

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Jessie Beaudoin is a life-long entrepreneur. Starting with a lemonade stand at age 8 with the help of his father, he got his first job at the age of 15 as a telemarketer. From there, Jessie remained self-employed where he then obtained his real estate license and worked as a mortgage broker while attending California State Fullerton. Efficient in consumer direct marketing, HTML, web design, SEO, generating inbound inquiries, marketing, and technology, Jessie is a common problem solver and strategic thinker in numerous areas.

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