How to Build Momentum as a Real Estate Agent

When it comes to building momentum in your real estate business, it’s all about having the proper perspective that will set you up for success. You need a mental framework that will support you at your lowest points because if negativity is allowed to run rampant, it will be that much harder to get out of a slump. The first aspect of building momentum for your business is having a positive mindset that focuses on what you can change as opposed to what you can’t. Here’s some things you can do to create momentum as a real estate agent.

Choose Your Lane

It’s hard to build momentum for your business if you’re spreading yourself too thin. Take time to choose a target audience and type of home that you would like to specialize in. If you’ve had a lot of success with luxury clients or condo owners, it would be a good idea to focus on that market because your experience and reputation would precede you. Honing in on a specific area of real estate allows you to master the talking points and create solid marketing collateral as opposed to shifting your focus from area to area. It’s easy to jump sectors of real estate, but with some persistence, you may just find your niche.

Be Prepared for The Long Haul

Building momentum for your business is not an overnight endeavor. That’s why it’s so important to have a positive mindset and know your why. If your only intention as an agent is to make large commissions, it may be difficult to get yourself out of a slump. The situation changes if your first priority is to support your family or help people find their dream homes, because this goal can motivate you during a slump. If you want to be in the real estate business for the long haul, you need a genuine goal.

Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up.

Letting leads fall to the wayside is a travesty. If somebody shows interest in acquiring your services, don’t waste any time before contacting them. The moment someone is inquiring about service is when they are most interested, so don’t worry about being pushy because it’s to your advantage to respond as quickly as possible. In cases when potential clients need some time to think, set a follow up task in your CRM. You can also set appointments in your calendar or reminders on your phone or laptop to make sure you are following up with everyone. Just find a solution that works for you and stick to it.

1-3-3 Method

It doesn’t take rocket science to create momentum for your business, it takes simple actions that are repeated over a long period of time. The 1-3-3 Method is a daily strategy that pushes you to talk to one person you don’t know, three past clients, and three people you have lost touch with every day. This daily routine can create several opportunities for you and keep you top of mind with people in your sphere.

Back to the Basics

Although many agents are opting towards video or sensational marketing nowadays, there’s nothing wrong with using basic strategies to stay in front of people. Direct mail campaigns, email newsletters, and maintaining an active social media presence are simple, yet effective, ways to put yourself in front of your contacts. You can also utilize Facebook Ads or boosted posts to reach more people outside of your sphere on social media.

In the end, building momentum depends on the agent’s ability to have a positive mindset, map out specific goals, and commit to repetitive actions without giving up. It’s important to remember that momentum starts slow, but eventually gains traction and yields result. One quality conversation can lead to a listing, which may lead to an open house where you meet a buyer client. Start building momentum for your business today!