How to Create a Customer Experience for Buyers

Customer experience can be described as the overall gut feeling the customer has at the end of a transaction but in a fast-paced market this experience can be seriously overlooked. In the past year, we’ve seen houses being sold in days with multiple offers and these kinds of market conditions can cause some agents to work in a frenzy.

As an agent in a fast-paced market, you may be tempted to rush through transactions to get to the next one but this is a grave mistake. If we rush through a transaction we may be failing to explain the process, forgetting to build rapport or not paying enough attention to detail but ultimately, we are losing the chance of getting future referrals from that client.

Speed to Lead then Exceed

If you receive a lead from a friend or past client, do not waste time before contacting them. First of all, it will demonstrate your responsibility as an agent to follow up quickly but more importantly, the same lead could have been referred to another agent. After you get their information, be proactive by sending them an email with a community report that highlights the amenities in the neighborhood they want to live in.

Have a Killer Buyer Presentation

Separate yourself from other agents by having a thorough Buyer Presentation to explain your process and the systems you’ll be using. This is also a good time to set expectations by outlining all the possible outcomes and how you will overcome them. This will help to eliminate future frustrations.

No Drama, All Value

A real estate agent’s job is never easy but that’s no reason to bring personal drama into your relationships with clients. The only thing you should be bringing your clients is value and that doesn’t involve being a yes man or woman. Don’t be afraid to offer your professional opinion because after all you are the expert.

Create a Showing Experience

Just because there is low inventory doesn’t mean you should rush through showings. This is the biggest purchase of your client’s life and as the professional guiding the experience you should make showings fun. Bring coffees or their favorite snack and always have a positive attitude. After a long day of seeing houses, send your clients a recap of all the houses you saw with notes about why you did or didn’t like it.

Know the Little Things

Take the time to gather as much information as you can about the homes your clients are interested in. Find the closest burger joints, walking trails, parks, and anything else you can think of to share with your clients during showings. Make sure to pay attention to other little things like the lockbox combination. Don’t jeopardize your professional stature by fumbling around with the lockbox, just memorize the combination.

If you can create real emotional connections with your clients during a transaction, they will turn into raving fans that refer you multiple times over the next ten years. This is only possible if you can deliver your most sincere effort that shows your clients that you care about them and not just your commission.

About the Author

Eric Sachs

After a successful career as a top-producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, broker and owner Eric Sachs and his business partner sold their company. Then, they followed their passion for helping those in the real estate industry by founding Breakthrough Broker. Eric is a recognized national speaker and is dedicated to helping real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies build successful businesses.

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