How to Create a Customer Experience for Sellers

Written by Breakthrough Broker President Eric Sachs

Going above and beyond for your clients isn’t just about receiving referrals in the future, it’s also about upholding the value you bring as a real estate agent. Many iBuyer companies are trying to exclude agents from the real estate transaction, but they will never be able to replace human relationships and interactions. That’s why it’s so important to communicate often with your clients, even to the point of over-communication. If you are able to create a true experience for your seller clients, you will create a raving fan that will refer you several times in the future.

Have a Killer Listing Presentation

Develop a great listing presentation to show your potential clients samples of your marketing kit and establish a communication schedule. This is time to set expectations and explain how you will tackle any problems with “this, then that” language. For example, you could say, “If we get multiple offers on your home, then I will make a detailed summary of each offer and we’ll review them.”

Show Your Face

You want to be remembered by your seller clients so stop by their house a few times throughout the transaction to see how everything is going and address any questions or concerns they may have. Instead of just calling your clients with updates, do a quick pop-by to show them you care about their experience and will go above and beyond for them.

Provide Feedback from Potential Buyers

Seller clients are eager to hear what people think of their home, so do your best to request feedback from buyer’s agents who view your listing. Don’t be afraid to repeatedly call or email them because this information is valuable to your clients and can help make improvements if necessary. This will also demonstrate the value you bring to your clients. The best-case scenario is gathering feedback the same day as the showing.

Give Clear Instructions in Your MLS

Give some peace of mind to your seller clients by including clear showing instructions in your listing’s MLS for buyer’s agents. Your seller clients will appreciate their personal rules being followed when buyer’s agents are showing your listing.

Hold an Under Contract Meeting

Although it may be faster to call your clients and tell them their home is under contract, do it in person. This is the high point of the real estate transaction and you want your clients to associate your presence with success.

The customer experience doesn’t just end when the transaction does. Through constant communication, you will end up learning a lot about your clients and you should use this information to get them a unique closing gift. This will help them remember you and demonstrates that you were paying attention. After the transaction is completed and you’ve sent your closing gift, don’t stop contacting your clients. Add them to a monthly newsletter or email campaign and do a pop-by every so often. Lastly, throw a client appreciation party every year to stay in contact with your past clients.

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