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Facebook Advertising

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Throughout my time spent in the real estate world, one of the most common topics of conversation has been Facebook paid Advertising.

  • Does it work?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • What kind of leads do you get?

Often times, when I speak with Realtors who’ve tried Facebook advertising, they ultimately end up supremely frustrated.

  • How do I choose an audience?
  • What keywords should I use?
  • Where do I see who is clicking on the ad? -

The reality is social media advertising is an art. It is a highly technical, targeted skill that many people spend their lives perfecting.

If done right, Facebook advertising can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods to find customers, bar none.

Breakthrough Broker has partnered with industry social media guru, and an overall great guy, Travis Thom. His new platform Walled Garden is now part of Breakthrough Broker allowing users to create battle-tested Facebook advertising campaigns in three easy steps.

In just a few clicks, you can select your new listing, create an advertisement, choose your advertising spend, and publish to Facebook.

Why is Walled Garden so good? Travis and Toni Thom have spent the last five years living and breathing Facebook advertising. They run the industry’s top social media advertising agency, Elevated Marketing, and they are so good that Facebook itself has invited them into their offices for brainstorming sessions.

Travis has battle-tested his advertisements for ROI on millions of dollars of advertising spend then automated that strategy to create Walled Garden. Breakthrough Broker has looked at dozens of Facebook advertising platforms and technologies and the decision to partner with Walled Garden was an easy one. We know Breakthrough Broker users will find Walled Garden incredibly easy to use and we can’t wait to hear the success stories.

Click below to create your Facebook advertisement. Or, learn step-by-step how to use Walled Garden HERE.

about walled garden

Walled Garden's advanced marketing technology platform turns your property marketing on autopilot with just the push of a button. Created by renowned Facebook Marketing Strategist and Certified Facebook Marketing Partner, Travis Thom, Walled Garden provides Real Estate Agents with the power of a Marketing Agency each time a new listing is promoted. Unparalleled automation technology with expertly crafted targeting guarantees each listing will be seen by thousands of Facebook users in your market. At 60% lower cost per lead than average Real Estate Ads, Walled Garden supplies users with higher lead volume at a more affordable price.

about travis thom

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Say hello to growth, high ROI on your marketing spend, and new reach when you learn first-hand from Travis by joining his Facebook coaching program. Explore more here!

about eric sachs

After a successful career as a top-producing real estate agent and building a mid-sized real estate company in Colorado, Broker/Owner Eric Sachs and his business partner sold their company and followed their passion for helping those in the real estate industry by founding Breakthrough Broker. Eric is a recognized national speaker and is dedicated to helping real estate agents, title companies, and mortgage companies in building their businesses.

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