What's Your Home Worth? Social Post 1

"What's Your Home Worth?" Social Media Post
There’s always room for growth when it comes to generating leads. When you attract more sellers to your page through social media, your game just got stronger. Direct your social media audience to a personal website or landing page where you can offer a free home evaluation. Then capitalize on those connections.

Start leveraging leads today after you watch this tutorial with our very own President Eric Sachs.

Getting Started

Use this "What's Your Home Worth?" post to attract homeowners who live in your desired neighborhood when you lead them to a landing page or encourage them to give you a call. Offer a free home evaluation when they click on this post, forcing them to take an actionable step.

Don't forget to use our Text-to-Self Delivery Method HERE.

Template Overview

We recommend swapping out the photos on this post to showcase the neighborhood you wish to list in. For example, one picture could highlight a well-known landmark or building and the other could be a picture of a home-style found within that neighborhood. You cannot edit the "What's your home worth?" copy, but you can edit the call to action below and include your contact information.

A Creative Way to Use This Post

Direct your audience to your personal website with this post. Or use a site like Leadpages to create a branded landing page. You can also create social media ads with this design to garner more attention. Just link your landing page or website to the ad and the results will give you information on demographics, audience, reach, and engagement.