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Breakthrough Broker Introduces a New Template Editor

Introducing an all-new template editor and user experience!

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In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, staying on the cutting edge is crucial. Breakthrough Broker understands this reality and has launched a newly upgraded version of our online template editor.

This move is in line with our underlying mission: to simplify, innovate, and, most importantly, cater directly to the needs of our core members — real estate professionals like YOU!

A Streamlined User Experience

The latest upgrades usher in a simplified and cleaner look. Gone are the days of a cluttered interface; the revamped design now offers a more direct and intuitive experience for our users.

The icons have also undergone a transformation, with a simpler design that clearly represents the tool or action it's associated with. The new organization of tools, grouping like items together, further enhances the ease of use.

Enhanced Navigation and Toolbars

The Left Toolbar has been optimized for an improved user experience. With the option to close the left bar menu, the editing container enlarges, giving more space to view your designs. This bar now exclusively houses tools for editing templates, BB+ features, and the color picker, ensuring a more focused design environment.

At the same time, the Top Toolbar displays standard font editing options along with the relevant delivery options available for a particular template.

And, of course, the dual placement of the Help tool on both the top and left bars means assistance is always just a click away.

Advanced Content Area Tools

The introduction of the Pagination tool in the content editing area grants faster access to multiple- page templates, such as flyers, postcards, brochures, and carousel posts/stories.

The relocated zoom icons, now at the bottom right, offer more natural accessibility. Plus, with the default zoom button, resetting the zoom level is now just one click away.

Video Creator and Listing Showcase Upgrades

Video creation is made more intuitive with clearer icons to remove video slides on hover. Similarly, preview/stop icons are now more user-friendly. All pages are displayed on load, eliminating the need to manually add them.

For the Listing Showcase, an improved layout and better organization of tools are now in place. We think you’ll find that the process flow for saving and publishing the final single property website is smoother than ever.

In Conclusion

The core of these upgrades at Breakthrough Broker lies in our commitment to our users. Every change, and every enhancement stems from feedback and a deeper understanding of what our members want and need.

By refining our editor, we hope to have made it easier to use, so that we’re not just another tool, but an essential in every Realtor's marketing endeavors.

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