Looking To Downsize

Looking to Downsize Social Posts
Who said you can't have a little fun while prospecting for leads? Stop your online audience in their tracks by sharing this colorful, eye-catching graphic which tells the story of how owning a smaller home could free up some cash for a trip of a lifetime. You never know when someone just needs a little push forward to make the move! This item is available for Facebook and Instagram.

Getting Started

Customize this template with your contact information and company logo. There is also space for a personalized message, although if you're unsure what to say, a default message has been provided.

Once you are satisfied with your finished project, you can share it directly to Facebook from our Marketing Center by using our "Push to Facebook" checkout method. Using this method, you will be able to write copy and publish your post on Facebook without having to leave our website. If you created the Instagram version of the graphic, you can send the image to yourself by using our "Text to Phone" checkout method. This will send the image directly to your phone where you can save the image and upload it to your Instagram.