Low Cost Business Tools for Agents

Building and maintaining a successful real estate business takes a lot of money; it's that simple. From all of the monthly fees to the never-ending major expenses, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when considering your expenses as an agent.

Although paying for programs to assist with the operations of your business is unavoidable, it is possible to lessen your overall monthly expenses by choosing to work with powerful yet budget-friendly solutions. When considering using low-cost programs it is important to note that they will have limitations. However, if you are an agent who prefers to save money over having a cool widget in your CRM, then here is a list of low-cost programs you can use to help support your business.


  • Placester/Zillow - Both Placester and Zillow offer customized websites with IDX integration included for $10/month. Their basic plans include a branded website template, SEO optimization, the site will be mobile friendly, and can be set up quickly.
  • Wix - Stand out from your competition by having a unique website that showcases yourself rather than an MLS by using a template on Wix. For only $10/month you can purchase and customize a website, a domain name, web hosting, and so much more!


  • Wave - Manage your accounting, personal finances, and invoices for free using Wave. This easy to use system can link up to your bank accounts, help manage your income vs. expenses, and simplify your overall accounting process.
  • Xero - For just $10/month you can manage your finances and accounting like a pro. by using Xero. This system is great if you are looking for support with taxes and reporting, in addition to accounting and managing your personal finances.


  • REDX - Instead of purchasing leads from major sites like Zillow, consider paying for Expired, FSBO, For Rent by Owner, and Pre-Foreclosure leads from REDX. For $30/month you will receive exclusive Pre-Foreclosure leads in your area and can manage them with ease using the REDX dashboard.
  • Craigslist - A unique way to capture leads on Craigslist would be to promote a listing by using only one photo and a brief explanation. Below the explanation, add a “Learn More" link that leads to your website. Once there, use a pop-up form to capture the lead's information.

Transaction Management

  • SkySlope - Built for agents by agents, SkySlope is a user-friendly transaction management system that offers “everything brokers and agents need" for $25/month. In addition to transaction management, SkySlope offers personalized support and an activation team.


  • Bitrix24 - In addition to being a powerful CRM, Birtrix24 is a collaboration tool that includes unbeatable apps and tools. Birtrix24 is free for up 12 users and includes a drive, email, CRM, and telephone service.
  • Insightly - If you are looking for an easy to use CRM, Inslightly is your go-to tool. In addition to a CRM you can seamlessly manage projects, review business reports, and integrate your email and accounting software to the platform.

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp - Build, launch, and manage email campaigns and automation by using MailChimp. With their free plan, you can design emails through their drag-and-drop system, have up to 2,000 subscribers, and can send 12,000 emails a month.

Marketing Material

  • Create Section - Not to fluff our own feathers but you can create professional looking postcards, flyers, brochures, and more at absolutely no cost in our Create section. By selecting to create a Free PDF, you can customize a design and print it off at home.
  • Direct to Every Door Mailers - For a little more than 18 cents per mail piece, you can send marketing material to entire neighborhoods. There are specifics to consider when using this mailing service, but it is an inexpensive way to get your marketing in front of more people.

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