Luxe Living Series

Luxe Living Series Listing Announcement
Engage your audience on Facebook by customizing this social media anouncement template. Using our Marketing Center, you can effortlessly customize this template then publish the photo along with supporting text on your personal or business Facebook pages.


Getting Started

To customize a template click the Get Started button above. Once you have completed your project, select Finish This Project to choose a delivery option. To automatically push this image to your Facebook profile, select the blue "Share" button next to Share on Facebook. If you would like to share this photo on additional social networks like Instagram and LinkedIn, download the photo by selecting the download icon next to Download Image.

Template Overview

Our Social Media Announcements are attention-grabbing images you can use to promote your listing on your social media profiles. These templates have been sized and designed to look great when published on Facebook, although you can use the images on additional social networks as well.