Market Update Letter

Market Update Letter
Generate more listings, gain more leads, and provide potential sellers with useful information about the local market when you send out this Market Update letter. Simply add your contact details, headshot, and logo by clicking the Get Started button below.
Real estate letter

Creating your letter

Enter your contact information and upload a company logo and headshot into your profile. Then our system will use this information to automatically populate the letterhead and signature blocks.

In the letter body, there's an excerpt of pre-written copy. Find the bracketed section of the text — [it looks like this] — and change it to include the appropriate information about the neighborhood or city you'll be targeting.

What this letter says

Dear Neighborhood Resident,

In my continued effort to provide relevant, useful information to the residents of [neighborhood name], I wanted to share this market update with you. Here's what's been happening over the last [30,60,90] days.


[123 Main Street, $435,000, 100% of asking price]

[4433 Elm Street, $553,000, 102% of asking price]


[6654 Western Hills Ct, $553,000, 23 days on market]


[2213 Mountain View Dr., Asking price $387,000, 13 days to contract]

The market is still favorable to sellers, however, inventory levels in [city name] are slightly higher than this time last year. This means buyers have more choices but sellers are often still getting full-price offers. Low-interest rates continue to keep the real estate market active.

Are you interested in knowing what your home is worth? Have questions about repairs or renovations to make prior to selling?

I'm passionate about our community, our lifestyle, real estate, and the relationships surrounding all of it. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything I can do for you.

Sincerely yours,


[profile photo placeholder]

Why send this letter?

  • Generate more listings in a specific neighborhood
  • Provide updated and relevant information to the community
  • Get your name in front of potential seller clients

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