Mobile Listing Presentation Explained

Our Mobile Listing Presentation is one of the coolest, yet most underutilized marketing items on BreakthroughBroker.com. Today, I am thrilled to provide an in-depth discussion and demo video about one of our most innovative, yet under-appreciated tools on the site - our "Mobile Presentation."

Watch the tutorial for a better understanding:

Our Mobile Presentation tool is as flexible as it is powerful. Its strength lies in its mobility; it is textable, allowing you to easily send it to your mobile device, or share it directly with potential clients.

We've designed the Mobile Presentation to be adaptable for a range of situations.

You can create presentations for varying contexts - whether addressing buyers prior to meeting, reengaging visitors after open houses or crafting captivating listing presentations to send to potential sellers prior to your listing appointments, there’s not much it can’t be used for.

Another advantage of our Mobile Presentation is its ease of distribution. It can also be downloaded as a PDF so you can share it as a downloadable link on social platforms, your personal website, or send it as an email attachment in your email signature.

It's designed to deliver your presentations in the most user-friendly manner possible - straight from your phone to theirs. Now that you're familiar with the potential, we trust you'll make full use of its capabilities as an essential tool for your success in the coming years.

Have a success story using one of the mobile presentation templates? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below!

Our mobile presentations are exclusive templates available in our BB+ catalog. If you're not a BB+ member, learn more about the advanced features included in this membership here!

Check out all out presentations below:


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