On Demand Webinar: Five Things You Must Know About Facebook Paid Ads

As you may have found out, Facebook Ads can particularly complex. Prepare to get mind-blown by Facebook Marketing Expert Travis Thom during this on-demand webinar as he explains the importance of Facebook Ads.

Here's what you can expect to learn in this "Five Things You Must Know About Your Facebook Ads" on-demand webinar:

  • How to leverage Facebook so you can generate more prospects
  • The myths and truths behind Facebook Ads
  • Understanding the importance of animated ads, engagement, click-through rates, and much more!
  • How to create animated Facebook Ads
  • Creating, strategizing, and executing specific ad demographics
  • The anatomy of a Facebook Ad
  • How to generate leads...for free!

Breakthrough Broker would like to thank Travis Thom of Elevated REM for being a guest speaker on our monthly webinar. If you would like to connect with Travis one-on-one click here.

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