On-Demand Webinar: Generate More Leads Through Instagram

When you implement creative strategies and techniques to up your Instagram game, you begin generating more leads, follows, and engagement.

Listen to social sales coach and speaker Chelsea Peitz as she dives deep into Instagram for real estate agents.

Here's what you can expect to learn from this on-demand webinar:

  1. Difference between personal and business accounts
  2. Pro profile tips that will help capture leads
  3. How to use IG stories, stickers, and polls
  4. Hashtag formulas
  5. What IGTV is and how to capitalize on it
  6. And so much more!

Chelsea Peitz is one of the industry's leading social sales coaches and speakers on all things social media. She is also the host of The Voice of Social Sales and has a long list of accomplishments, including her role as a founding member of the National Real Estate Marketing Mastermind, Inman Innovator of the Year Nominee 2018, and author of "Talking in Pictures." Chelsea's personal passions are working out, red wine (not in that order), and family time with her husband of 15 years and 6-year-old son Mason.

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Instagram: @chelsea.peitz