Epic Pic Instagram Post

Epic Pic Open House Instagram Post
Start engaging potential buyers even before they walk through the door of your open house. When you use our beautiful template, you’re choosing the best! This template is simple to customize. Just select a color to match your brand, upload a property photo, add in the date and time of the event, and edit the address, name, and phone number. You can even drag and drop your company logo on to the image and it will be placed in the bottom right-hand corner.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post, you will need one property photo, a company logo, and the open house details. You can adjust the heading and color to whatever fits your needs best.

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Template Overview

This Instagram post template is completely customizable. You will just need to enter the open house details and drop in a property photo. Don't forget to edit the text box at the bottom to include your name and phone number and use our drag and drop feature to add your company logo.

Best Instagram Practices

  1. Use relatable hashtags in your caption.
  2. When you post it on your Instagram page, use filters like “Amaro” and “Hefe” to really make the photo pop.
  3. Use fun, engaging caption copy and don't hesitate to include emojis!