Out Of State Seller

Out Of State Seller Letter Template
Often times, investors living out of state own property located in your market, and they may not have be aware of the local market conditions. These investors may not have a trusted real estate agent, either. This letter template provides a framework for you to show your local expertise and offer your professional services.
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Creating your letter:

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In the "letter body" section, find the bracketed all-caps text [LIKE THIS] and change it to appropriate text for your market. If you'd rather place the letter on your own letterhead, you can copy and paste the letter copy located in the next section.

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What the letter says:

The entire text for the letter is available below. If you'd prefer to print it on your own letterhead you can copy and paste it into your own word processing program and make the necessary changes.

Dear Homeowner,

[CITY NAME] Real Estate Market Update

Have you thought about selling your investment property over the last five years? Here are five reasons now may be the time.<

1. We are currently experiencing a housing recovery and the market may be much different now compared to when your property was for sale. According to the National Associations of Realtors, single-family home prices nationwide have risen 2.6 percent from August 2018 to August 2019.

2. The inventory of available homes for sale is a fraction of what it was just one year ago, making the competition among sellers considerably lower. [IF POSSIBLE, INSERT INVENTORY STATISTICS FOR YOUR MARKET]

3. Mortgage interest rates are still at record lows, making homeownership more affordable and bringing new buyers into the market.

4. Rental rates have been rising dramatically, making renters enter the buyers market.

5. Buyer confidence is at the highest level in years, and there is a pent-up demand of new buyers who have been waiting for the market to improve.

I handle the headache and specialize in selling homes for out-of-state owners. You can even leave your tenant in the home in most cases. Contact me for a free valuation of your property or to find out what makes me different from my competition.