Perception Management

The image you portray to your network might be the difference between success and failure.

If you asked your friends, family, and past clients what they thought of you as a real estate agent, what would they say? Would they describe you as a confident, passionate, winner or would they see you as a defeated, overworked, curmudgeon? If you were them, who would you want to hire as your agent?

These questions are addressing one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of being successful in real estate — managing your sphere’s perception of you. Perception management is a bit different from your marketing strategy because it involves curating your content to show that you are a confident, experienced, knowledgeable, and successful agent. An ad for a listing or an open house is only one piece of the puzzle. Posting about finding your clients the perfect house, receiving an award, or closing a deal can help round out your image and allow your sphere to see you as a real estate leader.

Your clients should see you as someone who loves what they do and has professional confidence that stems from their extensive market knowledge. In order to cultivate this sort of image for your clients, you will need some perception management strategies.


One of the easiest ways to maintain a good image for your clients is to share your successes. Whether you just listed a new luxury mansion or sold a property for above asking price, notify your sphere about these achievements with a social media post or a direct mail campaign. You can also create a video showcasing your achievements with our Video Creator Tool! If you’re jumping out of your skin because you simply loathe the idea of an agent that gloats about how amazing they are, please keep reading. The magic is in the way you craft your message and we’ve got some ideas for you below.

How To Showcase Achievements

Demonstrate your dedication to your craft with a message about how grateful you are that a home sold quickly or how happy you are that your clients were able to win an offer on their dream house. The message should be about the experience, the win for the client, the reaching of a goal. The message should not be about you or how much money you’ll make. A thoughtful message combined with a notable achievement will remind your sphere that you care about your clients and can help them through any real estate transaction.

Here are some real-life examples of carefully crafted messages. Also check out the Breakthrough Broker Toolbox below for resources to manage how your sphere perceives you.

“What a crazy day! I showed 3 different buyers homes (found one that’s just perfect for an amazing family), put one listing under contract, attended an ethics class, and still made it to my son's Taekwondo practice. It’s true it doesn’t feel like work when you simply love what you do!” #loverealestate #thehustleisreal

“Seeing the look on your client's face when you tell them they have 7 offers is what this business is all about. What a crazy market. So lucky to get to do what I love!”

“Got the most amazing message from a client today (you know who you are and thank you for letting me share this). She said that she’s never had an agent work so hard to make her feel comfortable with the process every step of the way. I’m so grateful to work with such amazing clients and friends.”


Check out these great resources to help you connect with your sphere and keep your momentum going!

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