Progressive Series

Progressive Series Instagram Post
"Impressed" is an understatement for how your clients will feel when you add this Instagram post to your listing marketing mix. Available in seven color schemes, with the option to create any header you'd like, this crisp design will catch the eye of potential buyers and complement your already rocking Instagram account.

To get your finished photo to your Instagram, select the "Text to phone" option at checkout. Your photo will be sent to your phone via text. Save the photo to your phone and upload to Instagram from your saved photos.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post, you will need a property photo and the listing details, including bed and bath numbers, square footage, and price. In addition, you will need a company logo and your contact details. With the variety of colors available, there is sure to be one that matches your branding.

Template Overview

This progressive listing Instagram post template is almost entirely customizable. You can use any header you wish, share whatever property details you would like, and use the open form to either fill out your contact information or add your tag line. For best practice, we recommend adding a filter prior to sharing to Instagram to add that additional "WOW" factor.