Speaking the Millennial Language

“TY for your help today! BTW we loved the first property. Can you pls text me the ADD again? Maybe we can meet at *$ tomorrow?"

Have you ever read a message like the one above and thought to yourself, “huh"? If so, you're not alone. When working with Millennials, not only is it common to communicate primarily with text message and emails, but many now use abbreviations in place of full words or phrases.

If you want to sell real estate to millennials it's time to adopt the "If you can't beat them, join them," mentality. Here are 20 popular text abbreviations you should know so the next time you get a message like the one above, you can respond with:

“Np! IMO the first property was my favorite too. I can def. meet at *$ tomorrow. What time?"

  1. *$ = Starbucks
  2. ADD/ADDY/ADR = Address
  3. B/C or BC = Because
  4. BRB = Be right back
  5. BTW = By the way
  6. Def. = Definitely
  7. FOMO = Fear of missing out
  8. IDC = I don't care
  9. IDK = I don't know
  10. IMO = In my opinion
  11. JK = Just kidding
  12. Kk = Ok
  13. LMK = Let me know
  14. NM = Never mind
  15. NP = No problem
  16. PLS = Please
  17. POV = Point of view
  18. PPL = People
  19. TTYL = Talk to you later
  20. TY = Thank you

Did we miss an abbreviation that is popular in your city? If so, share it with us and it's definition below!