Social Media Marketing 101

As a real estate pro, it is important to remember to use social media as a way to promote your business, staying consistent with your overall marketing and branding strategy of “You, Inc.”. It is also important that you strategically think about how you are going to leverage social media to provide a benefit your business, not simply posting a picture of a monkey eating a banana because it’s just so dang cute.

For best practices, keep these views in mind while you are posting to social media as a Realtor and business owner:


Facebook is a great way to share who you are as an agent and real estate business owner. When creating a post, keep in mind the 80/20 rule, even if you don’t have a Facebook business page. That is, you post engaging, industry related content 80% of the time. These posts should be consumer based content, providing your followers information about all things real estate. The other 20% of the time, post about personal happenings to show you personality and brand.


Twitter is the best for promoting content that is on your website. It is also great for building conversation. For real estate agents, think about using Twitter as a way to increase your online traffic. Remember to always add a picture and a relevant hashtag to each tweet, and be cautions – it can take time to build a Twitter following but with dedication and strategic planning, it happens!


Use YouTube as a promotions tool, specifically for your listings. In addition to uploading the property videos to YouTube, the video can be placed on Truila, Zillow,,, and all other social media channels. For best practice, add your logo, contact information, and other relevant text to the video to make it easy for buyers to find you.


Pinterest is one of the more complicated social networks but it too can be a driving force for your website. Your goal on Pinterest is to get as many pictures re-pinned as possible. Be sure to always make the text on any pin personally written and always add a link to your website – even if it is a re-pin.


For Realtors, Instagram can be more powerful than one might think. This is the perfect place for you to showcase that you are the expert of your city so showcase everything you love about your city. In addition to this, Instagram is another great place where you can highlight your traits and personality as an agent.


LinkedIn is used for professional networking. It is a place to share your professional accomplishments – so do just that. As an agent, leverage LinkedIn as a resource where potential leads will be able to see all that you have accomplished as a real estate agent. Add client reviews, contact information, and ask for validations from your clients, friends and family.

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