Switching a Realtor to your Breakthrough Broker account

How does this work?

If a Realtor is already connected to another Breakthrough Broker advertising partner (another title company rep for example) they can be re-assigned to your account. Here's how that works.

1. Email the Realtor directly to ask them if they'd be willing to be connected to you on Breakthrough Broker. When you email the Realtor be sure to cc: support@breakthroughbroker.com

Dear Client,

I've been getting very active with the Breakthrough Broker platform and would love to work with you to make sure you get the most out of everything they offer. However I think you may already be connected to one of their other partners. Did you know that you can switch who you're connected with?

All you have to do is "reply-all" to my email letting me and Breakthrough Broker (cc'd here) know you'd like to be connected to my account.

Your Name

2. Once the Breakthrough Broker Support Team has received this email from the Realtor we will connect their profile to you. Or, if the Realtor has not been to Breakthrough Broker in the past year, or has never been we will automatically make the change. If the Realtor has been to BB within the last year we will email the Realtor asking for permission and wait for a response prior to the change over.

3. From there you'll get all the notifications and the Realtor will be placed on your companies drip email campaign.

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