Tech Services for Real Estate Agents

As the real estate industry grows, many companies have cropped up, designed to streamline some of the services that agents provide for their clients. Not only do these companies offer opportunities to get ahead of the competition, they also help you give your clients a better experience and earn more referrals. Check out these companies below to find exciting solutions for accounting, website creation, staging, and more!


Propy is an interface that provides transaction and offer management in one platform. Their program encourages a paperless closing process, allowing agents to track the status of the transaction and securely upload documents or signatures inside their portal. This system also helps agents with multiple offer situations by compiling all the offers onto one page, sending text notifications when new offers come in, and improving the communication between a buyer and seller. Learn more here.


As real estate professionals, keeping great records of our financials is one of the most important functions of running a successful business. Realtyzam is an easy-to-use tax app designed with Realtors in mind. To learn more about how this app can reduce the stress of tax season, click here.


CallAction is a cutting-edge platform for lead generation, nurturing, and follow up. This technology will enable you to place “Text for Info” on signage, advertisements, and print media to collect potential leads. Any leads collected can sync to almost any CRM or be sent directly to your phone for follow up. To learn more, click here.


Gone are the days spending thousands on staging. Feather provides user-friendly furniture rental services. This platform categorizes their furniture by rooms, making it easy to find what you need. Once you decide on furniture you like, they will deliver it right to your listing and assemble it. Feather also offers partnerships to real estate agencies. Learn more here!


There are hundreds of data companies available to real estate agents and most of them offer good information to help you market yourself to potential clients. However, with ProspectNow's long-standing, proven system, you can uncover potential sellers in a given geographic area. They crunch hundreds of data points to find homeowners likely to sell in the next six months. Interested in learning more? Click here!


Curbio offers home renovations that don’t have to be paid for until your client’s home is sold. This great service is perfect for helping your seller clients increase their sales price and decrease the amount of time the home stays on the market without incurring pre-closing costs. Learn more here!


A website is a must-have for most real estate professionals and Placester makes it easy to create. A sleek website is often the first thing a potential client looks for. It can be the difference between being seen as a competent professional or not. A great agent website can give you the credibility you need to win over the next buyer or seller. Learn more here.

Dot. Cards

Dot. Cards is the future of networking! With this sleek technology, you can share your contact and social media information instantly anytime, anywhere with potential clients and colleagues. Either attach a small dot to the back of your phone or place a slim card inside your phone case, customize your profile with your contact info, then share your information with a simple tap of another phone. Recipients don't need an app or program! Learn more here.

Breakthrough Broker Plus

We would be remiss not to throw our own tech into this article. Create flyers and postcards with just a few clicks by using our MLS Lookup feature. Stay on brand by choosing your exact brand color for over 400 marketing items. Stay top of mind with your sphere of influence each week with dozens of engagement posts. Learn more here!

Box Brownie

As home buyers search for their dream home online, great real estate photography can make a huge difference. Box Brownie offers professional photography, editing, virtual staging, and more to showcase your listings in the best light. Learn more here.

These are just a few of the many companies creating exciting innovations in real estate, so if you have any services you’d like to recommend, please do so in the comments below!

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