Tech Spotlight: Roofshoot

The Breakthrough Broker team is always looking for great technology and applications to help real estate pros sell more homes. We recently found Roofshoot and wanted to do a quick review on the application.

A great listing video can make a big difference when selling a home. A video walkthrough can make a greater impression on a buyer than a set of photos, helping an online listing come alive and giving a better feel for the layout of the home. But videos can take significant time, effort, and money to produce, and a poorly produced video can leave a negative impression of the home.

RoofShoot is a new app and website that solves that problem.

Shoot the video, skip the editing

RoofShoot gives you a fool-proof template for creating a video walkthrough, so all you have to do is point your phone’s camera in the right direction. This smartphone app guides you step-by-step through shooting a video for your listing. And I mean step-by-step. The app instructs you on which parts of the home to film, and for how long to film them. For example:

  • “Give an overview of the listing.” (20 seconds)
  • “Shoot a clip walking through the door.” (10 seconds)
  • “Give a brief description of the living room.” (15 seconds)
  • “Shoot a clip of the living room.” (5 seconds)
  • “Give a brief description of the master bedroom and bathroom.”

RoofShoot provides specific instructions for shooting your video walkthrough.

Then, the app takes the short video clips you shoot and edits them together for you. Roofshoot also adds title cards, transitions, and music, making it pretty easy to create a professional looking video. Your options for editing the video yourself are limited, but that’s the point. You are able to extend or cut down the length of the clips by a few seconds and rearrange the order of them, and the app does the rest!

RoofShoot saves you a ton of time (and possibly money) that would have otherwise been spent on editing the video yourself. You end up with a video walkthrough that has appropriate music, attractive fonts, and good pacing and structure. The only real issue I encountered is the music volume is a little loud during sections of the video when you’re talking.

Publishing your video to

Once you’re happy with your video walkthrough and the listing details, you can publish your video to, which features a property search similar to what you would find on Zillow or Trulia.

Realtors can also use RoofShoot to record videos of “Cool Spots” and “Neighborhoods,” helping you display your expertise and giving buyers a resource to learn more about a home’s surround-ing area. Like the home walkthrough section of the app, these features provide step-by-step in-structions to shoot these videos.

More to come

RoofShoot is still in beta, so while the app seems pretty polished already, the website and proper-ty search is still being honed in.

Wrapping up

The RoofShoot app is an excellent tool for creating video walkthroughs. It works exactly as adver-tised and the issue with music volume is something I expect will be ironed out soon. RoofShoot is a great option if you are looking for a polished, easy-to-use, video application. You will end up with a great video for your listing. Keep an eye out for RoofShoot’s official launch or request access to a beta trial.

Ethan Conley is a marketer, designer, and content writer in Denver, Colo. He was Breakthrough Broker's first employee and helped launch the site in 2011.

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