TED Tuesday: Risky is safe, safe is risky
Does your business stand out?

It's Tuesday, which means it's TEDday. I'm a big fan of TED videos, so every Tuesday I comb through my favorites and pass one along.

Today's video features Seth Godin, who is an entrepreneur and a marketing expert. Godin discusses what it takes to get noticed in a busy market place, using the analogy of a Purple Cow (which, by the way, is the title of his excellent book):

"You're driving down the road and you see a cow, and you keep driving because you've seen cows before. Cows are invisible. Cows are boring. Who's going to stop and pull over and say, 'Oh, look, a cow?' Nobody.

"But if the cow was purple ... if the cow was purple, you'd notice it for a while."

Godin's point is that a product needs to be remarkable if it's going to get noticed. Remarkable products catch the eyes of early adopters, who can't help themselves to spread the word about how great a product is. Risky products and marketing approaches tend to be remarkable and successful, while safe products are actually risky—they're the ones that will be ignored.

How does the "Purple Cow" concept apply to your real estate career? How can you change your marketing, work ethic, customer service plan, and other parts of your job to become more remarkable? How can you separate yourself from all those other agents with tired, boring marketing tactics?