Magic Series Door Hanger

The Magic Series Door Hanger
You never know when a homeowner is considering a move! When working with buyers in a market or neighborhood where there is low inventory, drop a customized Magic Door Hanger to let current homeowners know you have an active buyer and would enjoy the opportunity to list their home if they are ready to sell.

Getting started

Show your buyers you're working hard for them while promoting yourself to seller leads by customizing this door hanger. For best practice, replace the photo on the front of the door hanger with a photo of the neighborhood you'd like to prospect. You will also add your contact information, headshot, and company information.


The copy in this door hanger has been pre-written to simplify the creative process, however, it is 100% customizable. It reads as such;

My client [NAME] is looking for a home in [CITY], [NAME] loves the [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] neighborhood, but none of the homes currently for sale are quite what they're looking for.

We thought we would contact homeowners in the neighborhood who may be thinking about selling either now or in the near future.

We are a full-service real estate firm, and this is a sincere attempt to find a home for [NAME].

Finishing touches

The final proof will be double-sided and printed in color on 10 point card stock. The door hanger opening at the top will be die cut.

Finished size is 3.5" wide by 11" tall.