The Magic Series Postcard

The Magic Series Postcard
Do you have a client looking for a home in a specific neighborhood where you would also like to have a listing? If so, send this beautifully designed, 4.25" x 6" "Magic" Postcard to the surrounding homeowners to generate new leads while showing your buyer clients you are working hard for them.
Real estate postcard

Note: You absolutely must have a real buyer looking for a home in the specific neighborhood you are going to market to.

Getting Started

To get started you will need a headshot, company logo, contact information, and a well-written message or bio.

Postcard's Photo's

In addition to your headshot, the front photo is customizable. Currently, there are three photos in the system you can choose from - (The man and woman shown in the demo is one option). You can also upload your own photo, ideally relating to the neighborhood or community you are marketing to.

Agent's Message

This "Magic" Postcard has space for a personal message or short bio. on the back. Currently, the pre-written, customizable message on the back reads as such:

My client [NAME] is looking for a home in [CITY]. [NAME] loves the [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME] neighborhood, but none of the homes currently for sale are quite what she's looking for.

We thought we would contact homeowners in the neighborhood who may be thinking about selling either now or in the near future.

We are a full-service Real Estate Firm, and this is a sincere attempt to find a home for [NAME].

Finishing Touches

Your final proof will be printed on both sides of heavy, postcard-style stock. It will then be trimmed to a standard 4.25" x 6" postcard size.

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