Top Producer Tech Tip

This Breakthrough Tech Tip will show you how to create a Market Snapshot report for your prospective buyer and seller leads using the Top Producer contact management system.

Market Snapshot will automatically email your prospects changes in the market based on their area of interest. This works well for keeping them informed and also keeps you top of mind.

The video below outlines the process and some strategies to go along with it.

  1. Once logged into Top Producer find or add the prospect that you'd like to set up for a Market Snapshot.
  2. View that contact and click "Perform Action" (desktop version) or "Take Action" (mobile version).
  3. Select whether this is a prospective buyer or seller.
  4. Make any changes to the area where the prospect is considering buying or selling such as zip code.
  5. Select the frequency you'd like the prospect to get their report as well as the frequency of the real time changes. Tip: For prospects who are just passively shopping or thinking of selling consider setting them up with less frequent emails.

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