Top Strategies for Stress Management

Someone once told me, “The greatest stress you will experience is the stress you impose on yourself." This is an interesting way of saying, “You have control over your stress, stress is a construct in your mind." I often repeat this adage quietly to myself, and it really works. I remind myself that all of the pressure is not life threatening (one benefit of real estate over other dangerous professions), and I can only change what I can control and for the rest...well there’s whiskey! Joking aside, a strong mindset is your number one weapon against stress.

Disciplined Schedule

Time management is a critical skill for reducing stress because it allows you to map out your daily activities for your business and your mental health. It’s easy to let your day run you rather than you running your day with a detailed schedule. Multitasking is a bit of a fallacy so be careful not to waste time jumping from task to task. Chaos grenades are being thrown at you from the left and right. The undisciplined agent will try to jump on those grenades so make it your mission to stay focused, wear this like a badge of honor. When you are creating your schedule, prioritize your tasks into different categories, such as things that must be completed today, things that will make you money, and big picture projects to work on. Oh look, Breakthrough Broker has a free printable To-Do List to help you get started.

Eye on the Prize

It is so easy to get stressed out when we forget what we are working towards and why. Take some time at the beginning of each week to reflect on your goals and tweak your plan for reaching them. Are you working for financial independence or buying a beach house? Visualizing these things changes the dynamic in your mind from stress to an exciting challenge. Check out this video from Dr. Bruce Lund to learn how to pursue your bigger future.

Intentional Breaks

Now that you have a great schedule that categorizes tasks by importance, make sure to include activities that are just for you. Use your recreational time to do things that will make you happy like exercising, reading for pleasure, or spending time with your family. It’s important to have scheduled time away from the job to reduce burnout feelings.

Breakthrough Broker Toolbox

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