Expert interview: Agent safety

In this video we interview Fort Collins Police Lt. Dave Pearson about protecting yourself and preparing for threatening situations. In addition to being a police officer, Dave is also a real estate agent, so he knows quite a bit about the subject!

Here are some of Dave's key points:

  • Real estate agents may not think they're in a target group for criminal activity—such as assaults and thefts—but they need to be aware that the possibility exists and take measures to protect themselves.
  • Preparation is key. Just as you'd practice what you're going to discuss when showing a home, you need to practice for when you might feel physically threatened. Think about the verbal responses you'd use in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Be on alert when a conservation with a client turns from the house to the agent. Try to turn conversation back toward the house.
  • When showing a home, think about where you position yourself in each room (try to avoid corners) and be conscious of how a person may be trying to steer you through the house.