Vintage Gear

Vintage Gear Instagram Post
Designed to capture the eye and showcase the property, this Vintage Instagram Post is the perfect addition to your listing marketing mix. This template is available in six color schemes and allows you to include four property photos.

To get your finished photo to your Instagram, select the "Text to a phone number" option at checkout. Your photo will be sent to your phone via text. Save the photo to your phone and upload to Instagram from your saved photos.

Getting Started

To customize this Instagram post template, you will need four property photos and the property address. Since it's a photo for Instagram, it's designed to spark interest from buyers, rather than attempt to sell the property like a postcard does.

Template Overview

This vintage Instagram post template is available in five color schemes, allows for four property photos, and has a dark overlay to make the white copy stand out. This template offers "Home For Sale" as the header option. For best practice, before sharing on Instagram, add a filter to the photo. This will enhance your photo even more, making it hard to ignore!