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Why QR Code Marketing is the Way to Get More Leads

When you provide an easy way for buyers to gain information about a home from a quick snap on their phones, you make it easier for them to take the next step.

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You've seen QR codes at restaurants, in magazines, and even on billboards, but when it comes to your marketing, how well are you utilizing this helpful piece of tech? QR codes are valuable marketing tools that can help streamline the buyer journey with you and ultimately capture more leads.

When used with some intention and moxie, QR codes provide an easier path for prospects to gain more information about a listing and reach out to you.

You're missing out if you're underutilizing QR codes in your marketing or not using them at all. This article will cover improving your knowledge of using QR codes in your marketing materials and what Breakthrough Broker Plus items leverage QR codes to support your strategy and goals.

How QR Codes Improve Lead Gen

When you place QR codes on your various marketing materials for open houses and new listings, you give potential buyers an easy way to reach you. Even if your phone number is listed too, people shopping for a home may not want to communicate so soon—perhaps they're intrigued.

They may want more information about the home and the area. You could set up your QR code to take them directly to the listing and provide more details, such as a virtual tour, photos, features of the home, and a link to your website.

When you provide an easy way for buyers to gain information about a home from a quick snap on their phones, you make it easier for them to take the next step.

Familiar places QR codes are used:

  • Property signage
  • Open house flyers
  • Business cards
  • Postcards, mailers, door hangers

Ways to Move Beyond Listings: Ideas for How to Use QR Codes:

In real estate, there are common marketing materials where you usually see QR codes, including open house flyers, property signage, business cards, and direct mail, such as postcards.

While it's essential to implement QR codes on these items, these are the ways to leverage them more creatively through the following items.

On Breakthrough Broker's Marketing Center, you can access an entire section of QR code-centric items:

Lead Gen Postcard: Tell your story and showcase your wins. The postcard captures interested QR code scanners, but the landing page tells a deeper story and prompt

This postcard is a two-part design:

  • Create your landing page. (Done in minutes! When finished, click the "share" button to get your QR code.)

  • Customize your postcard and upload your QR code. Watch this how-to video that explains exactly how to do it.

90 Ways We Serve You Landing Page: Articulate your value and show everything you do. The landing page's 90 ways are pre-written to make it easy and quick, but you can customize it to make it your own. Showcase your unique talents, marketing strategies, and negotiation skills.

After you hit publish, click the "share" button to generate the QR code for your new landing page automatically.

Email Signature: Use an automated signature with a QR code. The code can take people to new listings, your website, or your 90 Ways I Serve You Landing page. It's a helpful way to stand out and provide a streamlined way for clients to engage and the next step.

Open House Flyer: Craft an open house invite that gets buyers to imagine a happy life in their future home and connect with you. The QR code is front and center, making it easy for them to reach out.

Use this space to take buyers to your website, a contact page, or more information about comps in the area.

Just Listed Postcard: Use postcards to get the word out on brand-new properties. The QR code on the postcard is your opportunity to be intentional with creating a smooth buyer's journey.

Take interested buyers to a single listing site, your profile, or an online scheduler to get on a call with you.

*Please note: For items 3-5, you must use a third-party QR code maker. (Google "free QR code maker," and you'll find plenty!)

How to Generate a QR Code:

Creating your QR codes is easy. You can make one in less than a few minutes thanks to free online generators. To create one, all you need is the following:

  • The URL you want the QR code to go to.

The URL could be:

  • A page on your website
  • Your agent profile
  • 90 Ways Landing page
  • A scheduling app so clients can set a time to chat with you
  • Reviews from past clients

That's it. The free QR code makers may ask you for more information, such as your email or phone number.

Once you finish, download the file to your computer. Give each QR code file a unique name to reference it in future marketing items.

Claire Tak is a staff writer at Breakthrough Broker. She empowers readers with clear and actionable takeaways on navigating Real Estate marketing and the latest Breakthrough Brokers features.

Claire Tak

BB Staff Writer

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