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Win More Business with Community Reports

Our Community Reports offer more than just a property overview. Use these to win more business.

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At Breakthrough Broker, we are always developing innovative ways to help our members stand out and provide superior service. One of our most effective tools is the Community Report.

Our Community Reports offer more than just a property overview. They bring the local community to life with infographics highlighting vital information such as school ratings, local restaurants, shopping centers, walkability scores, and more.

By providing these detailed reports, along with your favorite property flier, you position yourself as a trusted local expert and advisor, enriching your client's experience while also differentiating your services.

They’re simple to create too!

If you’re a Breakthrough Broker Plus member, you can utilize the MLS lookup tool for efficient report generation. For non-members, simply input an address and manually edit to create a comprehensive community profile.

Here’s a quick video showing the process:

Some practical ways to leverage our Community Reports:

Listing Presentations: As you pitch your services to potential sellers, integrate these reports into your presentation. Showcasing these reports demonstrates your comprehensive marketing skills and commitment to detailed, value-added service that any serious seller should appreciate.

Listings: Leave a stack of these reports on a counter where potential buyers can easily find them. Even if buyers are working with another agent, having a flier with your face and name, combined with a report that truly stands out, can be incredibly impactful and may lead to referrals down the road.

Open Houses: Hand out these reports to make a lasting impression on visitors. Potential buyers will return home with your property flier and detailed community report, each of which includes your contact information, reminding them of the unique features surrounding your listing and who to contact should they want more information.

Buyer Clients: Community Reports are also an excellent tool for assisting your buyer clients. As you show properties, give them a community report for each property. This empowers them with deeper insights about their potential new neighborhood and solidifies your role as an invaluable resource.

Social Media: Not only can the Community Report be downloaded as a PDF to email and print, but it can also be saved as a graphic file that can be shared on your social media channels once again showcasing your marketing efforts and positioning you as the local market expert.

Ultimately, Community Reports give you the edge over your competition by displaying your intimate knowledge of the community. This is a powerful way to showcase the surrounding amenities while elevating your professional image.

We're here to support your growth and success in the real estate industry, and we believe our Community Reports can be a game-changer when used in the above manner. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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