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'90 Ways We Serve You' Lead Generation

Elevate Your Self Promotion Game with Our Winning Strategy

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💪 Articulate your value. This Strategy Shows You're The Agent to Choose 💪

Show how you can help your clients in at least 90 ways with the '90 Ways We Serve You' campaign. Follow the steps below to become a self-promotion powerhouse and let everyone know it!

Step 1. Create Landing Page

Show off your skills and assure potential new clients that you're the agent they need. Now is the time to shine! Share your unique talents, marketing strategies and negotiation skills.

☝️ Create your 90 Ways Landing Page

2. Generate QR Code

Publish your landing page, click share and select the QR code to automatically generate the QR code to place on your posctard in the next step ( we recommend using QRFY to track scans and data) Save your QR code to your desktop or downloads.

👉 Learn about QR codes on Breakthrough Broker.

👉 Learn about QR codes with tracking through QRFY.

Step 3. Send Postcard

Upload the QR code you created from your landing page and place it into the postcard to direct scanners back to your landing page. Select our direct mail feature and draw a circle around the neighborhood you would like to send the postcard to, check out and it will be delivered it in 3-5 days!

👍 Create & Mail Postcard

👉 Watch how-to video on address mapping tool

Step 4. Send Letter

Use this "90 Ways We Serve You" special letter to reiterate your skills in a personalized approach. Upload the landing page QR code into the letter. When a recipient opens this letter and scans the QR code, they are taken to your 90 Ways Landing page, proving you’re the agent they need.

👍 Write & Send Letter

Step 5. Create Presentation

Craft a persuasive and personalized presentation with our custom 90 Ways We Serve You Presentation. Upload that same QR code into the presentation, and when users scan the QR code, they will be brought to your killer landing page.

👉 Create a Persuasive Presentation

Step 6. Post on Social Media

Use this 90 Ways We Serve You Social Post to fire up your social media engagement. Post this directly to your social feed using our “share” feature letting your followers know you are the agent they need.

👌 Post on Social Media

Step 7. Post Social Story

Create your 90 Ways social carousel story post and use our “share” feature to post this directly to your social story. Use this story post as another form of self promotion and generate engagement on your feed. Go another step further and share your landing page link in your social bios by adding the link directly into your "About" section.

👌 Post on Social Story

The original “90 Ways” list is courtesy of The Svelling Group.

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