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Note: the MLS Lookup feature is only available to Breakthrough Broker Plus members.

On listing marketing templates, users can enter their MLS listing number into the tool and watch as the template populates with their listing’s details and photos.

Three very important things to note when using the MLS Lookup tool:

  1. The MLS Lookup tool connects to most, but not all, MLSs. To find out if yours is connected, follow these instructions. Looking up your MLS number will bring in all your photos; however, it will only populate the number of photos slots on the template, starting with photo #1 from the MLS.

  2. Clicking on any photo will bring up the gallery, where you can select from all your MLS photos.

  3. Proofread carefully before saving or printing your templates. MLS Lookup brings in the details from your MLS, but depending on the template and the length of your details (especially property description), some auto-filled information can get cut off. Make sure that the template looks exactly like you want it to, especially before sending it off to a print shop. Breakthrough Broker is not responsible for orders with typographical errors, either from your MLS listing or from an autofill detail that gets cut off.

Click the video below to see the MLS Lookup in action!


Automated Postcard Campaigns

Note: Automated Postcard Campaigns are only available to Breakthrough Broker Plus members.

Automated Postcard Campaigns are a great way to take care of your farm or sphere marketing for the year. Once you set up and purchase an Automated Postcard Campaign, your list will automatically be mailed a customized, thoughtful postcard at four major holidays throughout the year.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Select your preferred postcard set from our direct mail campaign section. Please note, you must select a set of postcards. You cannot pick and choose individual postcards.
  2. Customize your postcards. Make sure that you check the front and back of all four postcards to be sure that everything looks exactly the way you want.
  3. Upload or purchase a list.

How Do I Implement Team & Two-Agent Branding on My Marketing?

Agents who work with a partner or a real estate team can take advantage of our two-agent and team branding options, available on our BB Plus templates!

Creating these content items is fast and easy once you set up your profile with your partner or team’s information and headshots. To load this information, visit your profile, accessible via the menu in the top right corner of any page on Breakthrough Broker.

In your profile, find the “Team Member” section (you may need to expand this section by clicking the “+” icon next to it). Fill out the information for your team member and upload their headshot. If you are part of a team, you can upload a team photo and group logo.

Next, find a BB Plus marketing template you love in the BB Plus section of the site. In the editor, you’ll see a “Teams” button in the left sidebar. Clicking this allows you to select single agent, two-agent, or team versions of the template. If you have filled out your profile, the template will automatically populate with the appropriate headshots, logos, and information.

How Does the Headshot & Logo Library Work?

Headshot & Logo Library

If you have multiple headshots or logos that you use often, you can upload them into your headshot and logo library, located in your profile. You can upload up to four headshots and up to three logos.

Then, when editing a template, click on your headshot or logo to easily choose another option.

How Do I Use the Video Creator Tool?

Create a branded video to promote your listing and share it across your digital channels!

When you open the Listing Video template, the logo, headshot, and contact info from your profile will automatically populate the video's intro and exit slides. If your profile is not complete or you need to change your headshot or contact details, click each image slot or text field to edit.

Next, add and customize up to 8 slides with property images and listing information. To add one, click Add Slide below the previous slide. To remove one, click Remove Slide.

To edit the text on each slide, double click the text field. To replace the background image, click the slide to bring up the pop up and search and select an image from your computer.

Want to customize all slide background images in seconds? Use the MLS Lookup tool, found in the left sidebar, and enter the listing's MLS number. Watch as images from the MLS populate your video template.

Once you're finished customizing your video, click Free Download. The final product will be sent to the email address tied to your account.

From the email, download the video and share it on your social media channels and website to get more eyes on your listing!

Don't have time to finish your video? Click Save in the bottom left corner. When you are ready to resume editing, click the waffle icon in the top right corner then My Marketing and select the pencil icon next to the video.

How Do I Select My Preset Brand Color?

Keep your marketing consistent and on brand by setting your primary brand color in your profile.

To set your color, visit your profile, find the “Logo Library” section, and click on the circle marked “Edit Primary Brand Color." Use the color picker or enter the Hex code and save.

Then, when you open a customizable template, it will automatically be branded with your set color. If you need to change this color on an individual template, you will still have the option to do so in the left sidebar.

How Do I Use the Curated Social Posts?

Looking to boost engagement and interaction with your sphere on social media? Our 30+ curated social posts can help you do just that.

Select BB Plus Engagement Posts under the BB Plus Social Media section and choose from our library of engagement posts. Then, in the editor, customize the post with your contact information and logo. Finally, download a free PNG, post directly to Facebook, text the image to yourself to easily post on Instagram, or email the image to your contacts.

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