Creating the Perfect Bio

Your story matters. cool 

Don’t overlook the persuasive power of a well-written bio, which is a crucial piece of your brand. It helps you connect with potential clients, express vital information to aid your buyers and sellers in making a decision, and provides a history of your expertise.

Why is a bio so important? A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that 51% of home buyers find their homes on the internet. And before they reach out about a listing, they want to know the qualifications and experience of that realtor - which is YOU!

Make an outstanding first impression and engage with prospects by implementing our useful tips below to craft your bio.

Pack it with Personality 

Seamlessly blend personal and professional messaging to portray a compelling story that shows the audience not only why you’re qualified, but why you love being a Realtor. Demonstrate community involvement, personal interests, where you grew up, and your experience in helping others. Show your readers you’re passionate and charismatic. Humans are drawn to stories and future clients will get a feel for who you are as a person. Below are a few examples:

  • You fell in love with your hometown and community and were drawn to connecting with the neighborhood on a more personal level.
  • You had a summer job that helped you discover your passion for sales.
  • Your grandfather was a real estate agent and you want to carry on the tradition.

An extra tip from the BB crew: Write your bio in the third person!

Lead with your Values

There’s no shortage in real estate professionals, so when a potential client stumbles on your bio, you want to make sure to lead with values that will separate you from the rest of the pack. Put relevant information first that will back up your core message. Use tone and language that is inviting yet influential.

Let’s use Barry as an example. Barry’s Friend in Realty brand is based on one main thing—The Golden Rule! His intention and driving principle are to treat you the way he would want to be treated if he was the client and you were the real estate agent.

Barry does a great job of leading with this value in his bio, demonstrating the kind of experience his clients should expect right off the bat. What are some of your core values? What differentiates you from other agents? Incorporate this kind of substance throughout your bio to drive your point home and let leads know why they should work with you.

Know your Prospect

Illustrate a deeper level of understanding of who your audience is by highlighting not only your experience in the real estate world but matching your experience with that of your prospects. If you understand the tangible benefits of living in your area, it’s time to show it off (without too much bragging of course!). You want to showcase you’re a pro in the area. Demonstrate your knowledge of culture, weather, dining, etc. Know exactly who your buyers and sellers are and what they need. Potential leads, especially if they are on unfamiliar grounds, will be thanking you for your knowledge about the area.

Use a Professional Photo

This may seem obvious, but choosing the right image of yourself to use alongside your bio is crucial. Your face is your calling card and will often be associated with your brand from here on out, so make sure you choose the best version of yourself. This photo will be used on multiple marketing templates, so you want your smile to seem genuine and inviting.

Extra tips from the BB crew:

  • Choose good lighting
  • Don’t wear heavy prints or patterns
  • Choose a plain background
  • Have someone, if not a professional, take it for you. No, absolutely no, selfies.

Keep it Short and Sweet

When all else fails, delete it. If you’re having trouble writing a bio, it could be because you have too much fluff. You want to make your point quickly, as attention spans can be similar to Dug’s, the dog from the movie Up. (Squirrel!) Create an outline of your core values, history, education, passions, experience, etc. Brain dump all the information into a document first, then delete unneeded items until you have a concise, engaging bio that encompasses all that you are as a person and agent.

Edit and Repeat

We all make mistakes. Often, grammatical errors get overlooked when we’ve read our own words a dozen times. We recommend asking multiple readers, such as friends and family, look over your bio to ensure it is perfect. Use Grammarly to assist in proofreading phrases, run-on sentences, and other typo’s that typical spellcheck might not catch.

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