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Are you trying to find more listings this spring? Fear not! We’re here to help. Plant some seeds with these templates and strategies below and watch them blossom by using our print promo for the entire month of May!

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Customize this newsletter with facts about the market regarding the benefits of listing now and what you can do for sellers. Then purchase a mailing list from us for a neighborhood you would like to farm and send them this newsletter.


Community Report

Customize our Community Reports to highlight how desirable an entire neighborhood is. Be sure to include recent comps! Then, print and share this document with homeowners who live in the desirable neighborhood to demonstrate why now is a good time to list and how buyers are hungry for their property.


Market Snapshot Postcard

Provide your sphere with a market update! This postcard includes key insights on market trends, including average price. Show homeowners now is a great time to sell with the data to back it up. Print and ship from us.


Proof of Production Postcard

Show potential sellers the experience and skill you bring to the table as a Realtor when you tout your recently sold properties and current listings with this Proof of Production Postcard. Haven't listed anything? Show comps instead. Print and ship from us.


Critical Role of the Realtor

Instead of 20 reasons why to use a Realtor, change the copy on this document to show 20 reasons why now is a good time to sell. Print at home and leave in every and any door that is in a neighborhood you want to list in.


Out-of-State Seller Letter

Specific to prospecting to people who have renters in their rental property and may not realize how much money their home is worth. Find a list of out-of-state sellers with the help of your title company. Upload your mailing list to print and ship from us.


Magic Letter

Use this letter ONLY if you have guaranteed buyers searching in the area. Speak on your buyer's behalf and let homeowners in the area know you have buyers interested in their property. Purchase a mailing list from us to target all homeowners in the neighborhood, then print and ship through us.


Letter from the Heart

In a pinch? Plead to your sphere asking them if they know anyone who is thinking about selling using this letter. If you are working with "amazing buyers" who are desperately looking, mention that too! Upload your mailing list to print and ship from us.


Daily Call Tracker

Set goals for yourself to call past seller leads and use this daily call tracker to hold yourself accountable.


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Workbooks, checklists, playbooks, and workshops to support the growth and management of your business.
Easy-to-use marketing technology to create and customize professional marketing designs.
Direct mail marketing services and engaging social media content.

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