Get Innovative: 10 Ways to Amp Up Your Instagram

Instagram is a unique platform because it’s built primarily for mobile usage. It’s also highly visual, which results in more people flocking to it every day. There is a plethora of tips online to help you get started, but that can be cumbersome to comb through. That’s why we’re here to make YOUR life easier by providing innovative ways to use Instagram. Once you’ve implemented some of these strategies, you’ll begin reaping the rewards of this exciting platform.


Instagram isn’t limited to before/after photos anymore. There are many fun ways to catch the eyes of potential, past, and future clients.

What You Need to Know First

1. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing network.

2. Posting and browsing is mainly done through the mobile app.

3. There are multiple editing options that make it easy to create polished, professional-looking images and videos.

4. 60% of Instagram's audience is Millennials.

Your Clients’ Journey: From Beginning to End

Use Instagram to paint a picture of the client experience you offer from the beginning of the transaction to the end. Display images and videos that show potential clients what they can expect from you as a real estate agent when they are buying or selling a home. There are various ways you can do this, and that is contingent on which process you choose. Don't forget to show the initial contact/reference, how you helped the client along the way, what the home search process looks like, the excitement of finding the right home, the closing table, and more.

Virtual Tours

Put your viewers in the home (almost, but not literally) when you create a video tour and post it to Instagram. Create an experience, rather than a sale. Guide them through every inch of the home. Start by physically walking in the door, putting away a coat, grabbing a drink from the fridge, etc. Show them what it’s like to live there. Your viewers will love that you’ve taken extra time to put yourself in their shoes.

Personal Touch

Glimpses of your personal life show your audience that you’re human. It’s easy to do this and allows potential clients to learn about who you really are outside of work. Share a funny photo with your kids, a nice dinner with friends, an outdoor adventure, etc. When potential leads learn about how you interact in the real world, it makes them connect with you on a personal level and helps build trust.

Show Your Knowledge About Local Happenings

Have a coffee, drink a brew, or try the ice cream at the best local shops in the area your clients are looking to buy in. Then take photos and Instagram stories to share on your page. Not only does this make a positive impact on the entire community, but your honest review won’t go unnoticed. Highlight local happenings, events, festivals, barbecues, etc. Again, this goes back to the experience rather than the sale. Potential clients will be ecstatic when you’re not only knowledgeable about the basics, like good schools and the neighborhood, but about everything a newbie in the area might love.


If you haven’t already, check out our article “Creating the Perfect Bio” to find out the power of a persuasive agent bio. When you seamlessly blend personal and professional messaging to portray a story, your audience will be blown away by not only the level of qualification you have, but how you portray your love as a Realtor.

Instagram Video Guidelines:

  • Instagram landscape video ad minimum resolution is 600 x 315 pixels
  • The proper aspect ratio is 1:91:1
  • Recommended video formats include MP4 and MOV
  • Max video size for all formats is 4GB
  • Max video length for all formats is 120 seconds
  • Video max frames are 30fps for all formats

A quick video that highlights your skills and personality will be seen as “going above and beyond” as an agent. Although it may seem like a daunting task, it really isn’t that difficult! See examples and tips below.

  1. Choose a professional setting and attire.
  2. Record in good lighting.
  3. Highlight your skills, personality, and why you love what you do.
  4. Say something unique that users will remember.
  5. Keep it short and sweet.

Share Memes/GIFs

Welcome to Instagram, the world of funny memes and GIFs. Simply scroll through and tag your friends when you see something relatable and you’ll get lost in humor. You can follow this trend by creating your own memes that relate to real estate by using Giphy. Memes collect our ideas, emotions, and actions in a simple and transferable form. Check out our Real Estate GIFs V1 and V2. Such an easy way to capitalize on shared knowledge!

Use The Right Hashtags

The purpose of a hashtag is to draw attention, organize, and promote. A hashtag identifies a topic of interest. When you add that hashtag to your post, you make it easier for others to find, follow, and contribute to that conversation. Make sense? When hashtags are used incorrectly, users looking for new content will have to dig through irrelevant, miscategorized items in order to find what they’re looking for. Don’t allow this bad user experience to be associated with your brand. Here are some basic hashtags to begin using today. You will use between 8 to 15 per post and they should range from broad to specific. See the examples below.

#realestate #realtor #realty #forsale #newhome #househunting #homesale #listing #housing #coloradorealestate #yourfavoriteagent #realtorsara #sarasrealestate #sellwithsara #buywithsara #property #broker #brokerage #investingwithsara

Community, Pets, Kids...Oh My!

We’ve already discussed the reasons why showing your personal side is relevant. Here are some other important tips that your potential leads will remember you by. Plus, they are great conversation starters! Do you own a pet? If you do, take photos with your furry friend to show your lovable, cuddly side. Most people will admit they enjoy seeing cute puppy pics (it makes the day brighter!). If you don’t own a pet, I am sure someone will be honored to have you sneak a photo. Involve yourself in some type of community event or charity. Did you donate clothes to the Salvation Army? Snap an Instagram Story about it! People love to see your good side. And lastly, we can’t forget about the little ones. If you have children, show the world - but not too much! Take a cute photo of them helping you clean or pretending to use the phone at your office. If you don’t, this is where the furry friend certainly comes in handy.

The Layout and Multi-Photo Posts

If you'd like to post several images of your listing in a single Instagram post, you have to get creative. There are plenty of apps, like PicStitch, that help bring your photos together in a single image. You can also use Instagram’s multi-photo feature, which allows users to swipe through the images. In either format, you can display the hero exterior shot, vast master bath, beautiful courtyard, sleek kitchen, and more to provide a well-rounded view of the home. However, we recommend only using 4 or 5 images per post.

Inspiration and Text Posts

Photos of your listings are crucial to building your brand on Instagram, but make sure to mix up your feed. Post your favorite motivational quote. Find a funny GIF or meme that relates to real estate. Type up a nice testimonial from one of your favorite clients. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to each post too.

Instagram can feel like an overwhelming platform, but it helps you build a strong brand and make connections with existing and potential clients.

We hope this article helps you get creative. What’s going to be your next post?

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