How Templates and Marketing Technology Can Boost Your Brand

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

Your brand is built and your assets are ready. How do your agents begin creating brochures, postcards, and social media posts? There are several options worth considering before setting your brand free.

So, where do you start? Let’s break down the competition: Agent vs. Designer vs. Marketing Center


Are you leaving agents to their own devices when creating their marketing collateral? While agents continue to adapt and embrace technology, even using design programs like Canva, your brand is at their will. Capable as they may be, if you’re building or repairing your brand, this could create a slew of off-brand variations from one agent to the next. If you’ve handed over complete creative freedom to a five-agent team or 200-agent team, you run the risk of multiple designs misrepresenting your brand.


While hiring a designer could be an asset to your team, it doesn’t come without an expense.

Whether your designer is in-house or outsourced, paying them a substantial salary or hourly rate will come with a significant price tag. However, hiring someone who knows your brand, is professional, is skilled, and can create an entire library of marketing items for your team could be an incredible benefit. When hiring a designer, there are two options: they could design your entire set of collateral, top to bottom, without requiring an agent to edit anything. The flip side of this would be the designer creates your brokerage’s assets and then allows agents to access and edit. If your goal is to keep your brand on track, hiring a designer is a viable option if within your budget.

Marketing Center:

What if you had a one-stop marketing shop dedicated to your brokerage? Imagine a place where you and your agents could access marketing items pre-created with your brand colors, fonts, and logo. Dreamy, right? Breakthrough Broker builds customized marketing centers for brokerages where agents have access to the resources they need to market their listings and themselves. Templates and pre-created designs are incredibly valuable - they’re efficient, easy to use, and the margin for error is very low. Offering this tool to potential and current agents could be your missing link when trying to set your brokerage apart from the other big-box brokerages. Consider this the best of both worlds without compromising your brand, ever.

Ready to get your brand into the wild or want to learn more about customized marketing centers? Take a look through our CEO and Co-Founder, Nathan Froelich’s whitepaper on protecting your brand. Or head to this page to learn more about our customized marketing solutions.

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