Should You Leave Your Brokerage’s Brand to the Pros?

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

Are you creating, building, or repairing your brokerage’s brand? It can be an overwhelming process regardless of where you are in the venture. Boiling down your brand’s essence into a logo, colors, typography, images, and so forth is a ton of pressure. Your brand admonishes so many facets of your business, from signage to clothing to letterheads. Building a solid foundation is critical to establishing an identity. If you’re not a Photoshop expert or guilty of being incredibly indecisive, you may benefit from seeking a professional. Need more reasons to hire a pro? Here are several to consider before you jump headfirst into a branding project.

You can’t see the forest for the trees:

As a broker-owner, setting aside time to create, build, or repair your brand can be a mountainous task. There are many twists and turns that can derail you from your goal. Such as being too close to the project - you may redesign over and over and it never looks good enough. Your personal bias may seep into the design process and become more of an obstacle rather than an advantage. Whereas a pro can step outside of the project from an objective angle, bringing your ideas to fruition.

You don’t have a marketing approach; you have a real estate approach:

Did you know the color red incites feelings of hunger? It’s why so many restaurants choose to use the color red in their logo, menus, and interior design. Your forte is the real estate industry. The bread and butter of your career is vastly different from someone who spends the majority of their day studying the psychology of why a brand will resonate with one person and not another. You want your brokerage to be successful and a pro may offer a more marketing-centric approach to bring you more business.

You don’t have time:

Slapping a logo together will look just as unprofessional as it sounds. If you’re unavailable to cut out time in creating your brand or worried it could sit on the backburner month over month, it’s best to delegate the task to a pro. If you can articulate what you’re looking for, a capable designer or agency can transform your ideas into a finished product.

You’re not having fun:

Brand creation should be a fun and enjoyable process! Brainstorming your brand’s vision and letting the creative juices flow is an enjoyable part of the experience. However, your judgment can quickly become clouded if you’re stressed and you end up with a result you’re not fond of. Having fun throughout this process will allow you to approach it with an open mind and view it from other perspectives.

While seeking a professional may not suit everyone’s needs or fit everyone’s budgets, it could be an option worth exploring. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into creating, building, or repairing your brokerage’s brand, our CEO and Co-Founder, Nathan Froelich, has written a guide on how to protect your brand.

If you are a broker owner and would like to schedule a one on one branding consultation with BB co-founder Eric Sachs, click here.

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