How to Create a Custom Audience from Facebook Video Views

why videos?

Videos are a great marketing tool for numerous reasons. For your audience, videos are entertaining, engaging, and easy to absorb. For you, it allows creativity and offers the potential for a huge return on investment. Plus, in a world where social media reigns king, videos are great content to share on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.


Not only can video content itself boost your brand and capture the attention of potential clients, but it can help you hone in your marketing strategy and target audience. In this quick tutorial, we provide you steps on how to create an audience based on people who have watched a video you previously shared on Facebook or Instagram.

What you can use this audience for

How to use it for Facebook Ads

  • Create an ad set by using the front or back end of Facebook. If you're interested in learning how to set up an ad, click HERE.
  • In the 'Audience' section of the ad set, click the 'Custom Audiences' field.
  • Select the 'Video Views' audience you created using the steps in the video.
  • Finish setting up the ad set and place your order.

Note: You can combine multiple Custom Audiences and/or Lookalike Audiences to refine your targeting.
If you prefer, you can select 'Exclude' if you want to remove a person. You can include some audiences and exclude others. Just click the appropriate field and make your choices for each.

More Information

To learn more, click here for written steps from Facebook Business Help Center.

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