Implement Community Reports Into Your Selling Strategy

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

Location, location, location still reigns as a critical factor as buyers scour the market for listings. What will the area or neighborhood offer? In order for buyers to distinguish among properties, some important considerations include the available amenities such as parks, hospitals, eateries, schools, and more.

Breakthrough Broker offers Community Reports specifically created to provide buyers with a synopsis of a listing’s neighborhood amenities. We’ve made these incredibly easy for an agent to put together in a matter of minutes. Enter in the listing’s address or enter the MLS number using MLS Integration (available to Plus members), and a Community Report will automatically generate. Information and data such as the number of restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and hospitals will be pulled directly from Google. The data is also editable, allowing you to make changes as needed. Ready to create a Community Report? Explore our available options!

Once you’ve completed your Community Report, you may wonder how to utilize it. We’ve put together some simple yet thoughtful ways of how you can implement this report into your selling strategy!

Provide handouts of your report at an open house.
You can print and ship your Community Report directly from Breakthrough Broker! Order a stack and hand them out at your listing’s open house event. Take some time with potential buyers to review the report and talk about the available amenities near the property.

Include in a listing presentation.
Create a presentation for your listing here. Download the report and insert it into a slide within your presentation. Go beyond your report and include some of the specific amenities on additional slides.

Post to your Facebook page.
Sharing your listing on Facebook? Download your report as a PNG and post it along with your listing information on Facebook!

Bring handouts with you when conducting a showing.
Give your potential buyers the full picture and bring the report with you when showing a listing.

Email directly to your potential buyers.
Communicating back and forth with your buyers about a certain listing? Download your report as a PDF and attach it to your email.

Include in a buyers’ packet.
A buyer’s packet includes a plethora of information and is the perfect opportunity to include a Community Report.

Mail along with a newsletter.
Are you sending monthly newsletters and updates for a specific area? Include a few listings along with an attached Community Report.

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