7 Alternative Lead Sources for Agents

What are you doing to build a diverse source of incoming leads? Prospecting in real estate could be compared to fishing, it's important to have multiple "lines" in the water. Relying on one or two lead sources could be risky, you never know when one will stop producing.

Below we share seven alternative lead sources for you to consider. Keep in mind when contacting the professionals and companies listed below, you must be prepared to demonstrate the value you bring to the business relationship. Getting and giving referrals is a two way street.

In addition to your current sphere, here are seven alternative lead sources to add to your contact list:

  1. Divorce Attorneys - Divorces are an unfortunate situation. However, many times it results with the sale and purchase of a home and a Divorce Attorney will be the first to know.
  2. Financial Advisors - For example if you're working in or near a college town, parents who are getting ready to send their kids to school will be in contact with Financial Advisors discussing costs, including real estate.
  3. Human Resource Managers -HR professionals, especially within large corporations, are excellent lead sources as they will likely have new hires from out state looking to buy.
  4. Recruiters - A recruiter gets paid when their contact takes the job. Offer to support local recruiters by taking their contacts on city tours. When they fall in love with the city and take the job, the lead is yours.
  5. Short Term Housing - Many times those who stay in Short Term Housing are corporate transfers in between moves. Ask the manager to connect you with tenants who have expressed interest in buying and give them a referral fee if the lead turns into a buyer. (Always follow your state rules and regulations regarding referral fees.)
  6. Property Managers - Similar to Short Term Housing, ask Property Managers for the contact information for tenants who have given notice to vacate. If the lead turns into a buyer, give them a referral fee. (Again, always follow your state rules and regulations.)
  7. Commercial Lenders - Consider this, you build a relationship with a commercial lender who knows an investor building condos. The lender connects you with the investor and you make your case to the investor for the listing of the condos. Anything is possible, so try it!

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