2021 New Agent Guidebook

Real estate is truly an amazing industry and can help you reach the financial goals of your dreams, if you put in the work.

The first few months after you pass your licensing test are crucial to your success. We hope you found a great company or team to join, but now the real work starts. You are now an entrepreneur and the owner of your own “startup.”

We created this guidebook to give you actionable steps to achieve success in your first few months and beyond. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create and manage your sphere of influence database
  • Connect and work with a mentor
  • Talk to your sphere about your new career
  • Create a business and marketing plan
  • Learn the lingo and ins and outs of the industry
  • Get involved with peers and affiliate partners
  • Respond to common real estate-related questions
  • Develop a strong social media strategy
  • Host and market an open house
  • Continuously promote and grow your business
  • And more!

Follow the suggestions and step outside your comfort zone to start building the career of your dreams!

Additional Planning Resources

Business Success Plan
Marketing Action Plan