Facebook Cover Photo Trick

Your Facebook cover photo is a valuable space online where you can remind your friends that you are a real estate professional. In this video tutorial we'll discuss some best practices for creating a cover photo, and even show you how to make your own cover photo using the great free website TimelineCoverPhotoMaker.com.

Covered in this video

  • The value of your cover photo
  • How to create a call to action
  • How to create a description with a link
  • How to create a custom cover photo
  • Ideas for cover photos
  • How to change your cover photo on Facebook

Be sure to take a look at the additional free graphics assets that are available to download below the video.

We realize and respect that not everyone wants to promote their business on Facebook. For those of you who do, this is just one small opportunity to create "top of mind" marketing that is essential to a referral-based business.

We encourage you to make a statement that is sincere and shows passion, while also maintaining a level of humility, which represents professionalism.

Below are a few items which you can download for your cover photo

Row of homes background image

Realtor Logo

Equal Housing Logo


Disclaimer. These tips, tricks, and or techniques may or may not be in accordance with Facebook's terms of service. That is the responsibility of each and every Facebook user to determine. Whether or not you care is up to you, we know where we stand.

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