Remove the Word “Should” from Your Vocabulary

Written by Breakthrough Broker Staff Writers

As a real estate agent, independence is one of your greatest assets and equally one of your biggest enemies. When reaching the end of a work day, there is no one to hold you accountable except yourself. Are you ending your day with a mile-long to-do list? Or so slammed you haven’t found time to eat? Planning isn’t your problem; execution is.

Identifying, planning, and attaining your goals is an ideal trio, but how often do things go as planned? The word “should” is a frequent word in agents’ vocabulary. The intentions are present, but the execution is seemingly nonexistent. “I should call those cold leads” or “I should ask my client to leave a review.” Instead, you spend your time in the weeds with low-priority and nonprofitable activities - such as the mundane and easy to execute.

Why is it so easy to accomplish the simple tasks yet procrastinate the more challenging ones? As humans, we are guilty of taking the path of least resistance, filling up space with the tasks that make us feel like we’re accomplishing something and keeping us busy. No matter how we attempt to fight it, the hours within a day are finite. In order to be the most productive version of ourselves, it’s critical to prioritize and execute the goals that make us better. Whether that be mentally, physically, or for a lot of agents, financially, it’s important the activities you spend time on directly contribute to your end goal. Are these to-do’s and tasks raking in profit, or does it just feel good to cross one off your list? With high reward often comes a challenge. Those activities and tasks sit on the back burner because they are time intensive or challenging.

It’s important to frame your goals in the proper context. Are you viewing them as an obstacle, or are you viewing them as a reward? Let this answer help guide you. Give yourself enough space to execute the challenges. Set one or two as a priority each day and push hard to get those items crossed off before you move on to the low-hanging fruit. You will feel much better about your day and actually see value in your time.

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