The Complete Buyer's Packet

The Complete Buyer's Packet
Your favorite buyer documents are now all in one easy-to-create download, making this the Perfect Buyer's Packet. This buyer's packet includes The Buyer's Questionnaire, Real Estate Terminology, Benefits of Home Ownership, The House Hunting Checklist, and The Home Buyer's Roadmap. Add your contact details and brand assets and they will be auto-populated on each document. Create yours by selecting "Get Started" below!
Real estate luxury listing brochure

Easily add your branding and contact information to all your favorite buyer documents when you create this Buyer's Packet. In order to brand this packet, you will need your headshot, logo, contact information, and company details.

You will only need to add the above information once. Or, if your Breakthrough Broker profile is complete, you can select "Get Started," then choose your delivery method as all of your information will auto-populate for you.

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