You First

You First Self Promotional Brochure
If you don't have a great self-promotional brochure, you're missing out on a crucial element in building your brand. But don't worry, we've got you covered. Come build this incredible brochure for free.
Real estate self-promotional brochure

Before you get started

Please note that this is a complex brochure that can take 30 minutes or more to finish. Try to get all your thoughts organized before you begin working on the brochure. Watch this video if you need to save part way through.

The basics

Aside from basic contact information, you'll need a personal photo, a personal or company logo (optional), and several paragraphs of marketing content to complete your brochure. For best results, follow these tips:

Text fields

There's a lot of available space on this brochure, but don't feel like you have to fill every content area with the maximum amount of text. Feel free to use paragraph breaks (by hitting the return key twice) to space out your text, or just leave part of the content area empty. There's no need to ramble on, and your brochure will still look great.

Front side: Intro Text

This is the "Hello" section. It's the first custom content area your customers will see. Use this space to introduce yourself. Build rapport by describing yourself— not just as an agent, but as a person.

Front Side: Secondary text

This a good place to include information about your history as an agent, or perhaps about your company's background. What makes your company unique? What is the history of your organization What is the organization's tag line and mission statement?

Back side: What makes me unique?

In this section, you'll describe your brand. This is what makes you stand out from the competition. It's a great place for your Unique Selling Proposition. For help developing a USP, check out our Marketing Action Plan.

Back side: Testimonials

Ask for short (one or two sentences) recommendations from two of your past clients. Quote their recommendations in this section.

Back side: How I do business

Use this section to tell your prospective clients about your standards and practices as an agent. Explain what the process will be like if you become their agent. Do you have any unique systems? Do you have a team?

Back side: Call-out text

This text will appear in a large, bold font that will draw the reader's attention. Place a short, memorable message in this section. It can be a call to action, such as "Visit my website," or perhaps a tagline if you have one.

Back side: My promise

This section is where you make a "promise" to the reader. Use this space to stress your commitment, passion, etc.

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