Thinking About Selling EDDM

Thinking About Selling EDDM V1
If your client is in love with a specific neighborhood, send out this Thinking of Selling EDDM to homeowners in that neighborhood to not only generate new seller leads, but give your buyer client the dream home they’ve been searching for. Learn More About EDDM Here
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What is EDDM?

If you’re looking for an effective, quick way to get your information in front of potential sellers, this is the marketing tool for you. An EDDM will maximize your reach and marketing spend. And even if homeowners are not interested at that time, they will certainly keep your name on their radar.

Your marketing dollars will only go where you want them to!

Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM) is a tool offered by the U.S. Postal Service that provides you with the option to deliver a mailer to every single house on a mail carrier's route. Just simply drop the mailers off at the nearest post office, choose your drop date up to 30 days in advance, and see your mailer hit doorsteps in a matter of days.

Need more information on how this works? Watch our tutorial here:

EDDM Mailer Tutorial

Template Overview

This mailer is sleek in design, sized at 11" x 6.25", and is completely customizable. It has space for one property photo on the front. Then, you will upload your company logo and add all your personal details on the back.


Choose an eye-catching image to make your mailer stand out and add a short, catchy tagline under the photo.